HackYeah Online Summer Edition – Summary!

07 Jun 2020

Online content scanner, A.I Powered Gatekeeper for Businesses and safety during travel connected app – these and more solutions appeared at the second edition of HackYeah Online powered by GovTech Polska!

The second edition of HackYeah Online powered by GovTech came to an end. At this hackathon, attendees focused on widely understood business issues and worked on solutions in various Partner’s Tasks. The total prize to win was 180 000 PLN.

The hackathon brought a lot of innovative projects that can be further developed. The Jury chose winner teams – their ideas have a chance to be implemented by Partners of the tasks. The additional benefit to the Winners were the financial prizes – the total pool prize at this edition exceeded 180 000 PLN.


We bet you are really into numbers, so let’s check some statistics!

Through this amazing weekend, almost 1000 programmers gathered online at HackYeah on Discord channels! Over 500 of them took part in various Partner’s Task.

HackYeah Online was supported by:

8 partners

47 community partners

18 media partners


Moreover, 100 Mentors and Jurors spent days and nights sharing their knowledge.

And GE Healthcare has given away 140 personal codes for www.pyszne.pl!


Please meet the Winners!

These projects came up the best in Jury’s opinion:


1st Place in the task: Supporting business

Uncle David – A.I Powered Gatekeeper for Businesses

Uncle David Jon is an A.I. tool allowing each employee to take an A.I powered test which will evaluate how likely they are to be affected by COVID-19. These results will be shared with the HR team who can then manage their employees presence at the office and outside of the office.

2nd Place:
Brain Exchange
3rd Place: Futurist


1st Place in the task: Engagement during online meetings


The web app focuses on saving people’s time and highlight the most important points of their online meetings.

Special Awards: Transcriber and Mingle – The Group Video Call


1st Place in the task: Gaming

Corona of Kings

The main goal is to make the learning process more pleasant. Corona of Kings is also a tool for performing short single choice tests on many levels of education, starting with primary schools and ultimately with high schools.

Special Awards: Fantasy Scrum Board and Bruh


1st Place in the task: SupervisionHack: #ScamTrapper

ScamTrapper by stafficzek_a8a3

The ScamTrapper scans the internet (search the internet for keywords and phrases, detects scammers), scores URLs (occurrence of keywords, phrases, etc.) and analyzes content.

2nd Place:
Scammy – inteligentne narzędzie do wykrywania podejrzanych stron

3rd Place: ScamTrapper by “damian138_2100


1st Place in the task: Safety during travel


This web app helps people be aware of regulations regarding the pandemic situation in their own country and countries to which they are travelling.


Hacking amazing atmosphere!

HackYeah Online Summer Edition was a truly communication-focused event. This time Discord channels truly exploded with lots of chats, memes, jokes, games and discussions. These two days will linger in organizers and attendees memory for long. 

Also, organizers run numerous thematic webinars. If you didn’t manage to attend them, you can still watch it at HackYeah Facebook page. 


Checking the backstage

The event is organized by PROIDEA — a company that has been organizing events for the IT industry for years; the originator and producer of HackYeah. The main partner of the event was Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. Once again, the hackathon was supported by GovTech Polska — a program operating in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister aimed at engaging the community into introducing innovation to the public sector. It works with technology companies and citizens to jointly modernize public administration and find ways to use technology to accomplish tasks undertaken by the state.


WWW: https://2020.hackyeah.pl

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/HackYeah

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Natalia Basińska