Security in times of the pandemic

projects submitted in this category will be aimed at helping to ensure the safety of children and young people during e-learning and intensified Internet use, combating online fraud, etc. This category also includes solutions that facilitate the lives of the elderly and those at risk during and after a pandemic, and fight against digital exclusion.


The Winner | TrafficBox

TrafficBox – small device which helps you to find out how many people are waiting in the queue to your favourite grocery shop. Our solution is based on analysing packets bein

The Finalist | SafeAtHome

The SafeAtHome platform allows people in need to be matched with kind-hearted hosts in order to feel safe again during the lockdown. Project description: The time when most of the

The Finalist | H.E.L.P. Health Environment for Living in Pandemia

The HELP system is a free mobile application integrated with server services of data aggregation. The acquisition of commonly recorded geolocation data, in the context of semantica



App provides a platform for those a platform for those, who are vulnerable to covid-19 and should not go shopping. Our quaranteers (app users) will help people in need to do shoppi

The Finalist | Jenot

Project description: The state must always function. In crisis, epidemics and during war or digital attack. Any information that leaks is a violation of national security. Everythi

Business, science & technology during the crisis

projects submitted in this category should support and accelerate the cooperation of scientists with business through the use of new technologies. Participants will also seek for solutions on how to accelerate the return to full economic activity and limit the negative effects of the crisis on the Polish economy.


The Winner | SmartTest

It optimises the distribution of tests among patients with different infection risk, so we can test 2.5x more people with the same amount of tests by grouping multiple samples. Pro

The Finalist | Hexa

We believe that the current situation, much related to the pandemic, carries many risks but also many opportunities. With our solution, we hope to provide some guidance on Educatio

The Finalist |

It is a web application by which local businesses can generate/send vouchers for their services/products. Vouchers can be used after the end of a pandemic when business owners will


The Finalist | CoLink

In the current situation many patients were forced to take treatment from home remotly due to the saturation of hospital or during the quarentine. It is very hard to keep track of

The Finalist | AI Radiologist

Ai Radiologist is a website tool to help doctors diagnose virus infected patients based on Xray imagening. It is a standalone website app, which will be available publicly and for

E-commerce and logistics

in this category we are looking for ideas to improve contactless delivery, management and organization of production processes and supply chains. We also want to focus on long-term changes in this part of the economy and find solutions for further functioning and development for modern purchase and distribution channels.


The Winner | Lokalsi

Coronavirus is killing small business owners: florists, farmers, butchers etc. They relied on traditional stores, which are closed now. As there is no other option, they have to go

The Finalist | Quarantine Help

During the current pandemic, the elderly are the most vulnerable. It is recommended that they stay at home, but this is not an easy task, as not everyone has the resources, and oft

The Finalist | is a platform connecting patients with pharmacies. It enables every patient to order medications online and have them safely delivered to the doorstep. Platform util


The Finalist | Q-You – get rid of queues

In the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, making basic shopping became very risky and time consuming. There are plenty of people in front of the stores, waiting for their turn

The Finalist | PEANUT Learning App

Our idea: To help teachers and children came out of needs that we observe in our environment. We decided to create a tool that will support teachers and students in online educatio

Education and leisure

how to improve e-learning processes? How to creative take students time during quarantine outside of school? And finally, if and how currently used technologies will stay with us for longer? Ideas responding to these challenges will be submitted in this category.


The Winner | Foqs – User focus monitoring system

Our project involved creating software in order to help teachers with the teaching process and students with learning. Foqs sends notifications to teachers, signaling that somethin

The Finalist | Be Safe Outside

Our game can increase public awareness about protective measures against diseases. Project description: The main purpose of our game is learning by repetition. At the beginning of

The Finalist | YourTutor

E-teacher model that could optimize time and personalized learning. We present a general framework which makes use of technology to improve teachers’ efficiency and optimize stud


The Finalist | Hexa

We believe that the current situation, much related to the pandemic, carries many risks but also many opportunities. With our solution, we hope to provide some guidance on Educatio

The Finalist | On-line training with friends = Fitmeet

Social isolation. Millions of people scared. Hiding at homes, out of their lives, deprived of their friends and passions. Let’s bring them back! FitMeet is a simple app that


this category will contain ideas that do not match any of the above categories, but which are applicable in the fight against the effects COVID-19.


The Winner | Emergency Crypto Communications – CryptoAudioSMS

When the Internet and GSM fail this app will allow anyone to exchange encrypted data over ANY legacy analogue radio with no additional hardware needed! Project description: Manufac

The Finalist | Quarantime help

Older people are most at risk during the time of pandemic. It is recommended that they remain at home, but this is not a simple task, as not everyone has the resources ready for it

The Finalist | volunTEA

volunTEA is a platform connecting people who want to help others with those who need someone’s support in some matter. This is a portal for volunteers where they can find &#8


The Finalists | Community – Supermarket X

Demand for online delivery has soared far beyond stores’ capacity to meet it due to the social distancing environment. Our solution targets the burden that many grocery stores an

The Finalist | BookAWalk

BookAWalk is a mobile application allowing people to book times and locations outside for a walk or a stroll to the shop. It would allow users to avoid crowds and queues at stores