About HackYeah

What is HackYeah? It’s a hackathon that changes the reality we live in.

As Proidea’s team, we wanted to create an event that will gather hundreds of creative people in one place, challenging them to work harder than ever to achieve common goals, win crazy prizes and improve the world!

In 2019, HackYeah gathered 2 500 people: programmers, UXers, graphic designers, developers and product managers. As a result, it has broken the record and became the biggest stationary hackathon in Europe! In 2020 we managed to transfer our hackathon to cyberspace and hold it as a communication-focused event. Almost 2000 programmers gathered online on our Discord channels to chat, share memes, play games and enjoy discussions!

The total pool prize at the last edition of HackYeah in November 2020 exceeded 435 000 PLN.

A hackathon brings together experts from various languages of programming. It’s truly open for everyone, who has the real will of action and change. Do you know, it’s also an event with the biggest number of female attendees? 🙂

Who are we?

The originator and producer of HackYeah is PROIDEA, a company that has been organizing events for the IT industry for years. We are a team of ambitious people, who love their work. What we have in common? Experience, passion and multiannual familiarity with the IT world. If you would like to cooperate with us, we will connect you with the prestigious experts, companies and communities that you care for. 

Basic information

Company name: Proidea sp. z o. o.
NIP: 679 30 888 42
Regon: 122769022
KRS: 0000448243
Address: ul. Zakopiańska 9, 30-418 Kraków
Telephone: +48 605 177 303
E-mail: <a href=”mailto:biuro@proidea.org.pl”>biuro@proidea.org.pl</a>

Please direct all of your comments or complains to the above-mentioned e-mail address.