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In order to save you time during the hackathon and to have all the odds on your side, Scaleway decided to make it easier to create the application . In this webinar we’re going to demonstrate how to use the files that will be provided to you and your team at the beginning of the Hackathon. We will start by deploying a Scaleway server using Terraform and then by configuring a simple node server that will be used as our API. Then we’re going to start a new IONIC project choosing between React, Angular and VueJs (depending on your preferences). We will see how to make a simple http request to our previously created API and how to display it on our mobile application. This webinar is an amazing opportunity to put all the odds on your side and win the competition.

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Day 4
Create a simple Scaleway API with Terraform and link it to a mobile application with IONIC 16:00