[“Follow the river to reach the sea”: increased risk offers detector]

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35 000 PLN

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1st Place

20 000 PLN

2nd Place

10 000 PLN

3rd Place

5 000 PLN

Let us invite you to the world of Internet exploration.

Help to create a solution which will be based on commonly available data and will connect the facts that have been hidden so far.

The task is to create a working prototype of the identification system of higher-risk offers on the Internet (sites, auctions, announcements, forums, home pages, etc.), containing contact details e.g. telephone number, e-mail addresses, NIP data, REGON, VIN etc. with power indication (frequency) of these connections. Basing on a list of keywords you have to find all possible identifiers and the subsequent levels of associations.

We hope that this challenge, built on web scraping techniques, will be for you and for us an extremely interesting experience. Compete with the best IT players and... follow the river to reach the sea.