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Organising Patients’ Files

What sets us apart is an individual approach to each patient. Each has his/her own chaperone, responsible for formal and legal matters: with treatments, support in raising funds for therapies and everyday needs.

At present all contacts are conducted over the phone and via mail, which takes up most of the chaperones time, especially since email contacts require a follow up over the phone. Most often asked questions by the patients’ concern financial aspects – information about incoming funds, account balance, information regarding the refund of invoices. We believe that automated response to some of these will improve the chaperones work while the ability to check the status of money raised will allow the Patient to access other information.

The need: Informational and communication platform regarding Patients’ contacts / electronic customer office + CRM.

Required functionalities: A preview of payments, account balance, refunded invoices, information regarding the duration of the agreement with the Foundation, messages, current information.

Communication with Facebook donors

Individual collections are now a major part of the Foundation’s financing. The tool most used for this purpose is Facebook birthday collections. It is very important for us to thank each person that chooses to create such a collection as well as those who donate. With each collection we do this twice - when the collection starts and after it ends. At present, the thanks are made manually, which takes up to about 8 h a week. Each month we handle over 2200 collections which mean 4400 posts.

The need: An application which will make the thanks easier and will collect leads. We would like to be able to insert chosen photos and text when the collection is set up and after it ends. This application needs to be incorporated with Facebook

24h contact

A cancer diagnosis changes a persons life. Both, the patient as well as his/her family, enter unknown territory. Moments after the diagnosis are very hard - if the patient does not receive enough information, fear sets in. These are the moments when minutes/hours make a difference and waiting over days for the interpretation of results causes unbearable helplessness and frustration.

The need: An automated, yet the human voice that will answer all basic questions to help alleviate the fear when the Foundation is closed.

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