[Veteran's App]

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15 000 PLN

More than 100,000 soldiers serve in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, and a large part of them have participated in missions abroad. Since 1953, we have participated in over 90 operations, involving over 115,000 Polish soldiers and workers. Some of them happily returned home, some lost their health there, and still others did not return, giving their lives in the service of the Motherland.

To meet the expectations of veterans and taking into account the growing interest of entrepreneurs in granting concessions or other benefits for services and products, we would like to initiate work on a multimedia application that would facilitate the search for such places, adding them to an interactive map and building a community supporting veterans.

The application should have the function of communicating, i.e. sending messages or publishing them in the application. The name of the application or its logotype may change.

The Veteran App will help veterans find such places, add them to an interactive map and build a community. For business owners it will be a tool that they will use express their thanks for the service and provide their support for the environment.

So far, many companies have joined the program, which is unofficially called "Veteran-friendly place", but there is no tool to manage these places. The new application will contribute to supporting this process in Poland. It will also be an innovative solution not only in Poland but also in the world, which will contribute to education in the field of foreign service by soldiers of the Polish Army, officers of other services and civilian employees.

What we expect to be uploaded:
  • video presentation (description, demo, etc.)
  • source code (or link to a repository)
  • additional files (e.g. build artifacts, binaries, etc.)