HackYeah is all about knowledge and skills – whether it is the knowledge that you share with your team or new things that you learn from others. And what’s the best way to learn from others than participating in webinars? Get to know experts, talk to them directly, meet new people interested in the same things as you are. Learn and get inspired. This is what HackYeah Webinars are for.


The Webinars are a part of HackYeah experience, you do not need an extra ticket or to sign up previously. Just take a break from coding and join any session you want. All of our webinars are still available on our Facebook page in the Movie section [link], so you can back to them any time you want. Let’s watch it!


If you have a topic you believe would be a so-called golden egg and you think our attendees would wait in lines to listen to your talk then do not hesitate to write to us at joanna.dominik@hackyeah.pl. Tell us about your idea – if we love it, we will add it to the webinar’s agenda at HackYeah 2021.

The spectrum of subjects is unlimited. It’s a perfect way to share your experience, present the case study of your brand, tell more about the newest practical solutions or tools and, of course, reach the glory and fame through the huge and amazing HackYeah community!