The Finalist | appteka.online

appteka.online is a platform connecting patients with pharmacies. It enables every patient to order medications online and have them safely delivered to the doorstep. Platform utilises e-recepta to verify patient’s eligibility to obtain drugs. Thanks to simple and yet sophisticated workflow all health and personal data, including PESEL stay private.

Project description:

appteka.online is a place where you can order regular and prescription drugs online and have them delivered to your doorstep. We want to even further increase social distancing and facilitate staying at home. We know that people usually go to the pharmacy when they experience some health issues. This becomes extremely dangerous during the pandemic time due to the fact, that even common cold decreases your immunity and makes you more vulnerable to COVID-19. This is why we believe now is the best time to implement apteka.online. Let’s also not forget that elderly people of age 65 and above are among the most common pharmacy visitors. They have also the highest probability of experiencing severe COVID-19 symptoms which maybe even fatal. We really believe our solution will keep them safer in these difficult times. That’s why we design our solution with senior citizens in mind, i.e. by taking two types of UI approach – regular and ultra simplified for those who are not tech-savvy. We don’t want to finish at the hackathon. We’ve already implemented some advanced mechanisms to protect sensitive health and personal information and laid out an outlined plan of the go-to-market strategy. This strategy, among others, includes informational campaigns and consultations we made with pharmacists during the hackathon led us to create a new unique business model that we call Wall of Orders.

Team name: Blesu
Project name: appteka.online

Team members: Sławomir Grzebień, Łukasz Misiak, Michał Wojciechowski, Orif Milod, Filip Szmagalski