The Finalist | Quarantine Help

During the current pandemic, the elderly are the most vulnerable. It is recommended that they stay at home, but this is not an easy task, as not everyone has the resources, and often it is not even possible to prepare them (e.g. due to illness). It is therefore often the case that they have to visit a shop, pharmacy or take their dog out from time to time. If this person does not have a family to help them, it is very difficult for them to stay home all the time and not be exposed. Since older people don’t usually use the Internet, let alone smartphones, making an app for them doesn’t make much sense because they wouldn’t use it anyway. However, almost every senior has the ability to make phone calls. Therefore, we plan to create a bot for voice calls (and text messages). If you need help you can call a special number, give your location (address) and what you need. This entry will be automatically processed and will go into the application of volunteers who will be able to help you, e.g. by doing some shopping.

Team name: Quarantine Help
Project name: Quarantine Help

Team members: Bartosz Barwikowski, Łukasz Skarżyński, Konrad Daroch, Kuba Kmiotek, Marcin Matłacz

Quarantine Help