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09 Jun 2020

Demand for online delivery has soared far beyond stores’ capacity to meet it due to the social distancing environment. Our solution targets the burden that many grocery stores and supermarkets are facing due to the increased demand for online delivery and the worldwide shortage of surgical masks and anti-bacterial gels to keep store employees safe. Average grocery delivery time at the moment is about 1-2 weeks (depending on geography) – supermarkets and grocery stores do not have the horsepower to meet public delivery demand. This is putting a huge strain on people at risk who need essential grocery products and have underlying health conditions, are self-isolating/in quarantine and/or are at the age with the highest risk of death when infected. In order to minimise risks on their health, they need to have fast and easy access to basic necessities but delivery services are exhausted – operating at full-capacity.

Supermarket X – the leading European digital grocery store marketplace – helps to reduce burdens stores are facing by offering a click and collect solution for prepackaged orders directly from the store. It offers a digital payment option which reduces physical contact. Moreover, our solution helps people to avoid infected areas by pooling in symptom tracking and contact tracing application data to minimise queue time and walking in busy areas. It provides suggestions on an optimal time to pick orders up, as well as the safest possible route to store. It also fosters community by connecting those who are unable to pick up their grocery store orders with their neighbours who are fit enough to step outside and pick up both. This way the strain on delivery services provided by stores at the moment is reduced and delivery wait times are cut substantially – at the same time reducing the number of people at risk leaving their homes.

Eventually this solution can scale to other small brick and mortar stores. Supermarket X has the capacity to lead the way in digitising grocery store physical sale channels – from brick to omnichannel to increase revenue retention It is pleasing customers through adjusting to their changed habits and preferences and providing analytical tools to grocery stores and customers on how to minimise costs and plan future spending better. By providing healthy proxies and safe routes/pick-up times, we can keep the community healthy, help businesses to flourish in a minimum physical contact environment format so as to keep afloat until times get better. This solution can still be applicable for those who are in need of assistance post the crisis situation. We can get through this together!

Team name: Filiżanka
Project name: Jenot
Team members: Kacper Skawiński (Leader), Waliyah Sahqani, Javier Benitez, Ferran Montraveta Roca, Maria Maciagowska

Community - Supermarket X