The Finalist | AI Radiologist

Ai Radiologist is a website tool to help doctors diagnose virus infected patients based on Xray imagening. It is a standalone website app, which will be available publicly and for free. You need only to upload a photo via our user friendly interface and get prediciton in matter of miliseconds, thanks to our state of the art, high accuracy neural network. The prediction is a propability of having a COVID-19 virus on a base of X-ray image, conveniently displayed on screen.

Using our application is plain and simple:

Open Webpage
Upload X-ray photo (and thanks to AI)
get a prediction


Team name: Sienkomikolaj
Project name: AI Radiologist
Team members: Mikołaj Sieńko (Leader), Kacper Tonia, Michał Domagała

AI Radiologist