The Finalist | Q-You – get rid of queues

In the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, making basic shopping became very risky and time consuming. There are plenty of people in front of the stores, waiting for their turn to do the shopping. Our idea is to reduce queues as much as it is possible. To do so, we created a mobile application, where You can sign up for a shopping. You may select your favourite shop, check available hours to do the shopping and choose the most suitable date and hour for You. The application will create the ticket, which will be checked at the store before shopping. To be sure, that customer, who signed up for shopping via our application will not extend the time interval for a shopping, we propose small charge for the booking (e. g. 5zł). If client will fit into his time interval from the ticket (e. g. 11:30 – 12:00), then the receipt is reduced by the value of the charge. If client will not fit into his time interval from the ticket, then the value of the charge is sent to the charity to fight the COVID-19. First of all, the application will reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection by reducing the contact with people in front of the shops. Secondly, the application will make our shopping more enjoyable, because we will not waste time in front of the shop. What is more it will make shop employees job easier, because they will not have to count clients in the store and clients in the front of the store. Last but not least, the application will help charities fighting COVID-19 by collecting the money.


Team name: SobolBud
Project name: Q-You – get rid of queues
Team members: Jędrzej Leder (Leader), Wojciech Kozieł, Jakub Rogala, Łukasz Chąndzyński, Szymon Kędzia, Marcin Kędziora

Q-You - get rid of queues