The Finalist | Fantasy Scrum Board

What the project is about? 

Fantasy Scrum Board is about enrichment standard Scrum process by gamification. Every participant of process has his own general level of experience and “per-project level”. Users are able to gain experience by finishing tasks estimated with Story Points. Sum of Story Points in sprint is equal to Health Points of particular Boss (each Sprint is a treated like a Boss which we have to defeat). Sprints in the project are displayed as a map. Currently, we have our own board in app, but in the future we would like to connect our app with external apps like Jira, Azure DevOps or Trello and synchronize with data kept there. 

Project description: 

The project allows managing scrum process via gaming rules. User can log in via Facebook. After that, he can create a project which contains sprints, teams and some details about project time. Sprint contains work items with dedicated statuses. User can change these statuses. Application has achievements, mechanic and graph representation of current/previous sprint states.

Our solution can give the following benefits:

  • Increase the effectiveness of distributed teams and remote work in general 
  • Increase motivation in a team to deliver faster and better 
  • Make a development process much more entertaining by adding a gaming factor 
  • Competition factor

Team name: Hacker Ducks
Project name: Fantasy Scrum Board
Team members: Damian Jacyna, Fabian Domurad, Adrian Połubiński, Marcin Reszko, Łukasz Szymczyk

Fantasy Scrum Board