The Winner | Corona of Kings

What the project is about? 

The main goal of our game, “Corona of Kings”, is to make the learning process more pleasant for students and easier to introduce by the teachers. We would like to attract more attention and extend the focus time during learning sessions, lessons, lectures, etc.

Project description: 

Our game could be implemented into the learning process of language, in order to enhance vocabulary and grammar skills. “Corona of Kings” is also a tool for performing short single choice tests on many levels of education, starting with primary schools and ultimately with high schools.

In further steps of developing the game, upgrades would include the creation of databases with different subject-focused questions, possibility to add your own, custom question sets, multiple-choice tests, online ranking or adjustable game theme


Team name: SobolBud
Project name: Corona of Kings
Team members: Jędrzej Leder, Wojciech Kozieł, Jakub Rogala, Łukasz Chąndzyński, Marcin Kędziora


Corona of Kings