The Winner | ScamTrapper

The ScamTrapper solution consists of:

Stage-1 Scan the internet
• Search the internet for keywords and phrases ( Use the database of the most popular phrases scammers use in Polish
• Detects scammers ( Based on common signal features)

Stage-2 Score URLs
• occurrence of keywords
• occurrence of phrases
• does contain +48 phone number?
• updated_date
• has_registrant?
• …others agreed with experts
Could use machine learning, train on known scammers sites.

Stage-3 Analyze content
• Use more complex signal features ( Reverse image → Stock photos? … )
• Does refer to phishing domains?
• Verification: KRS, REGON, CEIDG, KNF, IBAN, Podatki.gov.pl

High score? Generate report Dumpsite to a pdf email alert

Team name: stafficzek_a8a3
Project name: ScamTrapper
Team members: Marek Nurzynski, Adam Chudaś