The Winner | summario

What the project is about? 

Have you ever attended a meeting and come out of it not really knowing what it was about? From the beginning of our project, we decided that we want to focus on saving people’s time and highlight the most important points of their online meetings. And so we decided a web app to solve these problems.

Project description: 

Our application is designed for schools, companies and other teams who harvest the power of online. Each of these organizations will set up our project on their own server. Then, you can create accounts – users with publishing rights are created and are then able to upload videos to be automatically analyzed by our system. It creates interactive summaries using machine learning, that can be clicked through to navigate to the proper video fragments and highlighting the exact video transcript to ease their watching. These machine-generated summaries can be later shared via a unique link. Furthermore, a database of all films created with computer-generated titles for users to view.

Thanks to magical computer algorithms all of the work are done automatically and thus our program has an extremely user-friendly interface, it’s elegantly and simple.

Team name: WiiGamers
Project name: summario
Team members: Igor Dmochowski, Kajetan Knopp, Maksymilian Knust, Adam Szokalski