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Project description:

beCV is a comprehensive platform enabling the recruitment process without racial, sexual or age discrimination. It is an equal chance for everyone, an impeccable system, in which decisions are made only regarding to competences and professional experience, not any other attribute. We identify the issue of discrimination as very relevant and contributing to many problems in the modern world. Therefore, concerned about the current situation in the global market and moved by the fact that this problem still exists in the XXI century, we decided to create our solution. The service is divided into two areas – for employees and employers. Logging in to both is conducted by e-mail and password and is possible after a quick registration.


The basic functionality of the service from the employees’ side is the possibility to create an online CV which will be placed in the database in an anonymous form. Each user gives information only about his/her professional experience, its duration, as well as acquired education and skills useful in his/her future career. These are all data necessary for objective recruitment, thanks to which the recruiter will be able to make an appropriate assessment of the employee’s suitability for the needs of the company. User is not asked to share any personal information, which are related to his/her human being, such as age, gender, religion, marital status or nationality.
Moreover, users in this part of the service have access to an internal communicator to contact with companies, using which they are encouraged to schedule job interviews in an completely anonymous way.


During registration, employer’s representative provides information about its business activities and the location of the company or its specific branch. For this side of recruitment process system provides 3 different functionalities – database, storage and mailBox. The first functionality of our service for employers is “CV Browser”. It allows browsing through current CVs for basic headhunting tailored only to the location and basic company’s business profile, entered during registration. However, if an employer conducts a specific recruitment process and would like to include his key requirements in it – there is also such a possibility. Using the CV database tab the employer precisely defines the specific parameters, and then a list of matching CVs is displayed. It allows recruiter to search in much wider database and filter only the most appropriate candidates. In case the CV is satisfactory to the employer, it can be saved in an internal box. Then, through the internal messenger, the recruiter can contact the potential employee and invite him/her to tests or interviews.

We hope that our platform will contribute towards reduced discrimination on the labour market, as well as help every employee find a perfect job for himself/herself and each employer – the best candidate for specific position.

Team name: beCV
Project name: beCV
Team members: Adam Bieńkowski, Piotr Bieńkowski, Jakub Piznal