The Finalist | Keep work & life balance & stay happy

Project description:

Application for companies with remote employees and teams. To help them keep work & life balance and increase their productivity. Web-version for an HR manager, who takes care of culture, motivation, and manage their tasks according to the company’s strategy. The mobile application is used for remote employees and teams. That allows them to track their activities, keep work & life balance, and stay motivated during remote work.

After finishing the challenge we will continue developing the features and integration with 3d parties services to make the possible track as much information as possible. Future features include:

  • Monthly/Quarterly goals. Employees will be able to set their goals for job and life with the HR manager to set KPIs and based on it make a performance review
  • Integrations. The app could be integrated with 3d parties app such as Jira, Trello, Slack, Endomondo, etc. to help to track
  • And many more, after brainstorming with the team and mentor 😉


Team name: antoni64_0e19
Project name: Keep work & life balance and stay happy
Team members: Antoni Kozelski, Marcin Kaszuba, Dawid Mierzwa, Beata Dziedzic