The Finalist | OncoTrack

Project description:

OncoTrack is an app that tries to help with laws and regulations around oncological treatment. It ingests HIS data about treatment, DILO card data and NFZ claims data. It serves two types of customers: patients and hospital employees (administrators, doctors).

Patients can track their entire treatment history in once, clean place, check what steps are next in their treatment and contact doctors.

Hospital employees can use state of the art tools for sequence analysis to get actionable insights about:

  • how a typical process looks like
  • what are the types of oncological paths (fully automated solution, doesn’t need user input) 
  • what pieces of the oncological process can be optimized (entropy index)
  • browsing individual histories and getting warnings about process deviations

Team name: Transition Tech
Project name: OncoTrack
Team members: Kamil Sijko, Piotr Lesiak, Michal Jadczuk, Jagoda Głowacka-Walas, Piotr Pecko