The Winner | CoronaTravel

What the project is about? 

With this app, you will be always up to date about the latest pandemic regulations in your country.

Project description: 

This app will show you the latest pandemic measurements in your country or the country you are travelling to. Currently, supported countries are Poland, Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary. The information is being loaded from governmental websites and translated into different languages. For better navigating, they are divided into categories. On the home screen, you will also find your current location and some statistics. The statistics will show you the total number of cases and deaths in your region – also a chart visualizing these data. You can also search for phrases and the results will be highlighted in the proper categories. If some of the information changes, the app will show a notification and draws your attention to the changed category. In case you cross a border to a different country, the app will show you an alert and recommend you to familiarize yourself with the pandemic measurements in this country. 


Team name: fringers
Project name: CoronaTravel
Team members: Fabian Kapuścik, Jakub Król, Aleksander Surman, Katarzyna Surman, Konrad Kraszewski