The Finalist | Code Hussar

10 Dec 2020

Project description:

Every year thousands of people in Poland are diagnosed with cancer. It is often a shocking diagnosis that turns the patient’s life upside down. The detection of the disease is not the end of the struggle, but only the beginning of a long battle for life. People struggling with cancer need both reliable information about the disease and psychological support. Often such people, not knowing where to look for help, reach for poor quality materials, which leads to deterioration of their mental condition. To solve this problem we designed the inTouch application. It is designed to teach, support and monitor. The main module is chatbot “Anne”. When asking a question in Polish, the user receives a content-tested answer about the disease. The chatbot architecture uses Google cloud solutions, speech recognition mechanisms and artificial intelligence modules. Voice control increases comfort and connection between the chatbot and the end user.

A big advantage of the solution based on Google Diagramflow technology is its flexibility. It allows you to use the chatbot both in the inTouch application (voice version) and in the text version connected to the fanpage on facebook (example www). It also allows to easily add new answers to the database.

Another important element of our application is providing support. This is particularly important during the SARS-COV2 pandemic, when many people are particularly affected by loneliness The user can at any time draw a person to talk to, taking into account expectations such as age range, disease status or cancer type. Talking to a person with similar experiences is extremely important. It allows you to gain additional knowledge and tips. Sharing experiences is particularly important and allows you to gain a new portion of motivation to fight an invisible enemy.

In order to gain additional knowledge about the disease in addition to chatbot, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions with answers. Moreover, the user can share their experiences with the foundation using a special form.

The inTouch application is a mobile application designed for the Android and IOS platforms. In the implementation process we used multiplatform React Native technology ( mobile application ), Java Spring ( backend ), AWS ( application server ), Google Cloud ( DiagramFlow, Text to Speech API ). The prepared implementation allows to manage costs depending on the number of users and demand for a given service., which allows for cheap product implementation in production environment after hackathon.

Team name: Code Hussar
Project name: inTouch
Team members:
– Patryk Ostrowski
– Piotr Filochowski
– Agnieszka Pawełek
– Jakub Krukowski
– Adam Pawełek