The Finalist | full%stack_army

10 Dec 2020

What is Kartoteka?

RakNRoll foundation is struggling with a huge problem whenever someone needs to get access to his account data. There is no easy way to expose data at the moment, so foundation’s wards have to make a direct phone call each time they’d like to get it.

Kartoteka is an answer to this problem. It’s a system that gives easy access to internal RakNRoll foundation account data with no entry barrier. The system is integrated with a central foundation CRM. The login process is really straightforward, no registration is needed. It’s based on one-time activation codes. A cancer patient gives his/her email address associated with the foundation data and receives an activation code. Once logged in he’ll get access to data like duration of the contract, current account balance, latest invoices, or latest withdraws. Kartoteka is even more than that, it’s a central point of communication between the supervisor, and his wards. From one side the foundation’s wards can communicate with their guardians via chat. From another, it gives a possibility to leave short messages or reminders to a protege. The system has been made using Spring Boot+WebFlux at the back-end side, and Angular+RX at the front-end side.

In the end, the Kartoteka is a time-saver for a RakNRoll foundation, and it’s a kind of technological window for foundation patients.

Team name: full%stack_army

Project name: Kartoteka APP
Team members:
– Mateusz Kulawik