The Finalist | PC Crashers

10 Dec 2020

Project description:

We came up with an idea of easy to use and interactive startup searching app. Currently on the market, there are plenty of different ideas that do not find the right recipients and investors, which often leads to the abandonment of the project. Thanks to our application and advanced search criteria, everyone interested will immediately find what they are looking for.

Our app makes use of elasticsearch queries which allows us to make precise and interactive searches through our startups database. We are introducing custom rating system, which gives an oportunity for well-conceived startups to develop and find their first investors. Our rating system makes use of text description and value from 1 to 10 to comment on someones startup idea. Users makes rates based on profile of startup which describes owner idea and details of its execution.

Additionaly we are introducing special users of experts and vips appointed by BGK. Depending on a specific role, users would be able to see all information on startup profile and make more precise review of startup ideas consisting of marks in these 5 categories: start up goal, project durability, reality of assumptions, cost effectiveness, project compliance with needs. Reviews made by experts and vips would be explicitly stated to show that some startup was analysed by one of BGK entrusted users.

In addition, our application offers a number of dashboards presenting data in interesting combinations of subsequent time periods, which gives a better summary of whole startup.

Team name: PC Crashers
Project name: Smart Yeah
Team members:
– Krzysztof Apolinarski
– Mateusz Jagiełło
– Piotr Chyła
– Cezary Wolszczak