The Finalist | TEAM PRETZLES

10 Dec 2020

Project description:

Boundless Skies is an action video game inspired by classic arcade systems, but with a modern twist. This vertical scroller requires deep focus and agility. The player explores different planets to find one suitable to inhabit, all while evading dangers like space debris and asteroids. Colliding with obstacles damages the shields, which leads to destruction of the ship. The player will have to manage fuel levels on the way back from the exploration. In case all the pilots meet a grisly end, the player becomes a Legendary Space Traveler and the game will display their game score, gained during the mission. The number of planets is infinite. Each has its own gravitational pull, atmosphere and structure. So take control of one of six space landers and explore the vast universe of Boundless Skies!

Project name: Boundless skies
Team members:
– Ewa Ciałowicz
– Magdalena Dziwisz
– Katarzyna Klas
– Piotr Pałka
– Wojciech Pietrowski
– Piotr Radzio