The Finalist | Zero Waste Detector

10 Dec 2020

Project description:

A mobile app to help customers make smart choices when purchasing products, by looking at its eco-reviews and sharing re-use ideas.


It’s not just a task, it’s our life We are the people who always think about our planet. Our decisions are based on common good. We know that we cannot change everything as fast as would like to, but we want to change the way people think step-by-step… What do you think about the world when the people are making decisions taking ecology into account first?

Our take on task

How do we want achieve that? It’s simple! We’re trying to solve the problem with waste at the beginning – at the purchase stage. We wanted to make customers shopping smarter. We wanted to give customer fast, simple and complex solution to make more ecological decisions.


Our solution allows customer to make smart choices about groceries they buy, based on how re-usable a product can be and how “ecological” it and its packaging is. A mobile app that allows customers to read eco-reviews of a product before they even buy it, and get & share ideas on how to give a product its second life, instead of throwing it away.

Team name: Zero Waste Detector
Project name: Zero Waste Detector
Team members:
– Jakub Szafrański
– Agnieszka Radosińska
– Patryk Bojańczyk