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Project description:

Most of the available applications aiming at allowing users to measure their ecological or carbon footprint require lots of information regarding users daily activities and habits. Filling in many details in the app throughout the day can be very inconvenient and time consuming and the rush that we live in does not help us to take care about the environment. Members of our team tried out different existing applications and we all agreed on what should be changed to make the user experience better.

EloEco facilitates the process of tracking your carbon footrpint, reducing the necessary actions to minimum. The application offers an easy way to show the users their carbon footprint of each important aspect of their lifes – transport, energy, food or even streaming videos and listetning to the music on the Internet.

One of the most important sectors in terms of amount of gas emission, responsible for over 15% of all the emissions, is transport. Detailed measurement of all, even short journeys with your car, with the bus etc, is crucial to obtain reliably value of the daily carbon footprint. Unlike other applications available on the market, EloEco does not require you to input manually the exact distance or time of your journey, it does not save your location or your exact path. All the user needs to do is to tap the “start travelling” button at the beginning of the travel and “end travelling” at the end. The application takes care of all other details – based on velocity infers your mean of transport (which you can afterwards change if you want) and computes your carbon footprint. It does not store the details of your travel anywhere.

Additionally, the application provides users with personalized daily notifications, based on their carbon footprint and habits, to keep them on track for improvement.

Team name: EloEco
Project name: EloEco
Team members:
– Cristian Schuszter
– Karolina Cynk
– Kamil Faber