The Winner | Stargazing Capybaras

10 Dec 2020

The need:

An automated, yet human voice that will answer all basic questions to help alleviate the fear when the Foundation is closed.

Foundation Rak’n’Roll is open from 9 am to 4 pm and currently replies only during operational hours.

People contact the Foundation using different channels: phones, facebook messages, emails.

Quite often making the phone call or writing a message is difficult for a person with diagnosis. If they reach out outside of operating hours they might never call again.

On the other hand people often reach out with issues that are described on the webpage so they only need a little direction and not necessarily human interaction.

Our approach:

Voicebot, Chatbot and Conversation Admin Panel

Voicebot that answers all incoming calls outside of working hours. 

Chatbot takes care of incoming messages on facebook and on webpage (as a widget), takes strain of answering repetitive questions from employees and keeps track of people who would like to be contacted with more complex issues. 

Conversation Admin Panel is an online tool that collects and shows all messages from different integrated channels (for now facebook and website chat). Furthermore it has statistics and history of conversations.

Team name: Stargazing Capybaras
Project name: Chat’n’Roll – ChatBot & VoiceBot contact24
Team members:
– Andrzej Górecki
– Diana Zierke