DZIKI DZIK, Ratuj Pole, EcoPRODUCT, Brave, ShareSpot – meet the winners of fierce Hack Yeah 2020 competition!

HackYeah powered by GovTech Polska came to an end. At this online edition of the hackathon, attendees focused, among the others, on health, zero waste, gaming, Alexa Skills, wild boars monitoring, water management and other issues. Their fruitful work brought lots of solutions and the total prize to win was 435 000 PLN. The hackathon brought a lot of innovative projects that can be…

01 Feb 2021

265 000 PLN in prizes after second announcement!

Our lemurs talked to some important people in some important places and they got you a crazy amount of awesome tasks you can face at HackYeah! We all know that due to coal powered powerplants, enormous food production and cutting out forests our planet is starting to lack drinking water. GovTech is looking for your help in solving this issue: [GovTech - Water Challenge]…

21 Aug 2019

THANK YOU! See the 2018 summary!

LET’S SUM IT UP!   HackYeah was an awesome event, and first of all – we would like to thank you all for making this happen!   THANKS to the Partners – for challenges, prizes and great support you gave our attendees   THANKS to the Mentors – for your presence and sharing your experience with everyone who needed it the most   THANKS to the…