[Map of reported wild boar sightings]

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Wild boar reporting" Hackathon

Increasingly, we can encounter wild boars near our homes. These uninvited guests appear in parking lots, in the vicinity of schools and playgrounds, often lured by dustbins in the centres of urban housing estates. And even on the beaches (saying "wild boar on the beach" does not mean a muscular man anymore;)). Unfortunately, some individuals may be carriers of the African swine fever virus (ASF), which causes high mortality among infected wild boars and pigs.

Contribute to stopping the spread of the disease and improving the general safety of humans and animals - we are looking for something that will help in combating the disease as well as limit the occurrence of wild boars in cities. We would like every person who spots wild boars (dead ones as well) to be able to report it quickly via the "app". In this way, it will be possible to analyze the occurrence of the disease, stop it and ensure human safety.