The Finalist | LokalnaTarcza.pl

It is a web application by which local businesses can generate/send vouchers for their services/products. Vouchers can be used after the end of a pandemic when business owners will return to work. Clients can help them in this hard time to keep a steady income of money which is crucial for survival of local, small businesses. https://lokalnatarcza.pl/

Project description:

Nowadays, when many small businesses have lost their source of income, they are facing bankruptcy. This project strives to help them in keeping steady income. Our application helps entrepreneurs to easily offer vouchers on services they provide. Those vouchers can be used in future, when the world will return to “normal”. Additionally, customers can be offered discounts, which can further motivate them to support endangered, local businesses. More details on how application works can be found at: https://lokalnatarcza.pl/

Team name: LokalnaTarcza
Project name: LokalnaTarcza.pl

Team members: Konrad Seweryn, Michał Urbanek, Maciej Urbanek