The Finalist | volunTEA

16 Apr 2020

volunTEA is a platform connecting people who want to help others with those who need someone’s support in some matter. This is a portal for volunteers where they can find ‘orders’, it can be a shopping request, walking the animal or an invitation to talk over tea. volunTEA mission is to make those supporting initiatives as simple as possible and let them last when the pandemic ends.

We believe this portal should grow into community help center, supporting small services like tailor services, child care, walking the dog, and many more.

Team name: Kocopoły
Project name: volunTEA

Team members: Dominika Szukała-Kosińska, Barbara Szczygielska-Popiołek, Jakub Różycki , Bartosz Konop, Adam Maroszek, Mateusz Worotyński