The Finalist | On-line training with friends = Fitmeet

Social isolation. Millions of people scared. Hiding at homes, out of their lives, deprived of their friends and passions. Let’s bring them back! FitMeet is a simple app that allows you to exercise with friends – in real-time.

Why is this important? Exercise and contact with others will help to lower stress levels and reduce the negative psychological effects of the virus. FitMeet – joint on-line exercises are a simple way to be healthy and to be in touch with friends in a pandemic time.


Team name: Tomaszpiskorz
Project name: On-line training with friends = Fitmeet
Team members: Tomasz K. Piskorz (Leader), Krzysztof Piskorz, Joanna Burdek, Konrad Debski, Arek Soldon